House Rules

House Rules


  • Weapons and armor dropped by enemy creatures will be a worn version of the item. For example, a dropped shortsword would be “Worn Shortsword.” These items usually have a -1 to their effectiveness (ex: a Worn Shortsword would do 1d6 -1 damage). Worn items can be sold to vendors, but will be highly devalued from their standard price.
  • Anyone with the spellcasting feature is able to use a spell scroll to cast its corresponding spell regardless of whether or not they know the spell.

Rolling Natural 20s and 1s

  • Please note that unlike attack rolls, Natural 20s and 1s are not automatic successes and failures, and that the roll will still be calculated against the DC to determine success or failure.
  • Rolling a 20 on an ability check or save will trigger Great Success.
  • Rolling a 1 on an ability check or save will trigger Epic Fail.

Great Success

  • Rolling a natural 20 on an ability check doubles your ability score modifier and proficiency (if any) for that roll.
  • If you pass an ability save while rolling a natural 20 against an ability that deals half damage on a successful

Epic Fail

  • If a character fails an ability check or save and the character rolled a natural 1 to make that check or save, the character may experience an adverse effect which ranges in severity at the DM’s discretion.

Class Specific


  • Rangers can use a bonus action to command a pet instead of an action.
  • When picking starting equipment, rangers can take two hand crossbows and a bolt case with 20 bolts in place of a longbow and a quiver of 20 arrows.

House Rules

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